1938: Fascism and “the campaign for population growth”

Littoria provincia più prolifica


The Fascism and Italy

Littoria, now Latina
Littoria, the city founded by fascism in 1936

At the beginning of November 1938 the fascist regime published the figures concerning the birth rate index for the first nine months of the year, listing a classification of merit among the Italian provinces. The previous year “the campaign for population growth in the nation” started with laws that protected families, especially if they were large, and which introduced among others, a tax on unmarried men.
Littoria (today named Latina), the city founded by fascism in 1936, was the most prolific with a birth rate of 49.7 per 1000 in habitants. The last on the list was Alessandria, with a birth rate of 14.7. Included among the provinces of the Kingdom of Italy were the four Libyan ones Tripoli, Bengasi, Misurata and Derna which registered an index of 39.6 which was only beaten in the classification by Littoria and Zara..In Central Italy, Perugia and Rieti stood at position 55 with an index of 24.6, Terni at 68 with 21.6 overtaken by Macerata (56th with 23.9) and Viterbo (57th with 23.8)


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