Antonia and Sara, the only inhabitants of Usigni


Antonia, 60 years old, and her daughter Sara (28) are the only inhabitants of Usigni, a tiny village on the Valnerina mountains. In 1971, 34 people were resident there, in 2001 only 21 were left.

They run a cattle farm. That is their livelihood. Usigni is an ancient village. “Cardinal Poli was born here, he who had Saint Rita of Cascia declared a saint – explains Sara proudly – he was important during the time of Pope UrbanVlll. Here we also have a church by Bernini, the architect who designed St.Peter’s Church in Rome”. It is the church dedicated to San Salvatore. By Cardinal Poli’s special request.
Almost uninhabited in winter, when the Valnerina mountains are covered in snow, Usigni comes back to life in summer: the local people, who emigrated in search of work, return for the holidays, the old houses have all been renovated, especially those damaged by the earthquake at the end of the last century, and remodernised while not forsaking the beauty deriving from their history.


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