Mussolini visits the military establishments of Terni

Mussolini e l'industria bellica 1940

Mussolini among the workers

1940, Oct. 30 – Benito Mussolini went to Terni to visit the military establishment. Italy had entered the war a few months before. “A meticulous visit to the pavilions of establishments and the giant machines that forge the tools of military power of the Italian nation”, and

visita alle industrie belliche ternane
Mussolini among the workers of Terni

“to reaffirm the interest for the powerful fascist industry technical equipment and at the same time for the extensive welfare and social structure that accompanies and supports the life of forty thousand workers”. Who, all 40,000 – according to journalistic accounts – welcomed the “Duce” with “fiery excitement” since he arrived at the train station with a “Littorina”, at 10 a.m.
At the steelworks entrance gate the President of “Terni”, Arturo Bocciardo, was waiting for him to accompany him on the visit. Mussolini witnessed a trial of strength: a steel plate was hit with a cannonball “but it is not damaged at all”. Then the “Duce” visited the Italian army Fabbrica D’Armi, the Galleto hydroelectric power plant and the Marmore falls, the highest waterfall in Europe.

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